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Work In Progress: Report 1

before dawn promo imageHello and welcome to what I intend to be an entertaining and even informative look behind projects I am currently working on. This will be like a peek-behind-the-curtain into what someone like me- a new writer / illustrator / comic creator- is doing to not only complete their projects (which can seem like an uphill battle at times) but also figure out a way to market these projects successfully in order to make a solid ROI (fancy acronym for Return On Investment) aka PROFIT! So let me catch you up to speed on the projects I’ve been working on which will soon be released:

The Hit

Initially, this was going to be the first in a series of horror / weird fiction short stories which revolved around a nefarious cult. I still might continue with this idea with some future short stories but for now, it is being released as a single short story.

Miller’s Farm

This was also going to be part of the short story series but I’ve decided to release it together with The Hit. Both this and The Hit are completed including the interior artwork for the title page for each and the covers all of which I did myself. I’m also building my illustrator portfolio / experience with these two projects, as well. I did this for both financial and personal reasons. I’ve always been artistic but I’ve let it slide for way too long. So I’m diving back into it by “hiring” myself to design and illustrate all my fiction prose work.

Before Dawn

This isn’t a brand-spanking new project. It originally appeared as a published graphic novel close to ten years ago, I believe. I did it with illustrator Jason Whitley and it found some success. But over the years, I would come back to it with new ideas on how to carry on the story but in a different, more bizarre direction. Everyone has to be sick of zombies, right? I know I am. So what I plan on doing is serializing BD on my site here as a web comic and as a digital comic through such places as Comixology, Taptastic, and such. Depending on how the sales go for it, I may pursue the ideas I have for a sequel to it. Only time will tell. For now, I’m in the process of getting all the files ready along with determining the best way to serialize it on my site. I’ll discuss this part of the project as well for those interested in serializing a web comic.

The Devil’s Tongue

I’ve had this story ping-ponging in my head for over a decade. I finally decided it was time to get it out of there and onto the computer screen (I guess people don’t say, “get it down on paper” as much as they use to). This macabre story was heavily influenced by European horror flicks, most notably, Lucio Fulci’s work. If you’re familiar with his work, then you’ll have a good idea of what to expect in the horror department. This project is my first foray into a longer body of work. But instead of writing it as a novel, I’m writing it as a series of three novellas. Based on research I’ve done, people are leaning more towards digital chunks of entertainment. Whether it’s due to circumstance or to how people prefer their reading now or because of price, I think digital chunks of entertainment are here to stay. With novellas, people don’t have to commit themselves to a story for a long period of time. Depending on their commute, they could read one in a day maybe two. Another factor I considered was pricing. People would be more likely to spend a couple of bucks for a novella by someone they haven’t heard of then, say, $5 to $8 for a novel by the same new author. I tend to do this so I imagine many others do as well. This project is two-thirds of the way through the first draft. I tend to do three to four drafts so this project probably won’t be available till summer 2016. So there you have it. These four projects have been in various stages of development for months now. In my next update, I’ll go over my marketing plan for the two short stories before releasing them through Amazon’s KDP. I’ll also talk about how I’m getting Before Dawn ready to serialize on my site in addition to all the tedious work involved with getting it ready to submit to some digital platforms, and I’ll also talk a bit more about my current writing project, The Devil’s Tongue. Thanks for reading!

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