The Weekly Report 1: Smile, Quick Review of Cherry Blackheart, and Miller’s Farm Preview

The Weekly Report is a quick wrap up of things I find interesting which you might as well. Maybe? Maybe not?

New Blu-Ray Pickup – Smile

smile blu ray

Never seen it but I’ve seen a couple of positive YouTube reviews of it which led to me checking out the preview trailer for it which sold me on it. Plus it has Bruce Dern in his prime.

It’s on sale now as part of Vinegar Syndrome’s label partners sale for this month.

Sneak Peak at Miller’s Farm title page illustration

Coming this summer is one of my horror / weird fiction short stories, Miller’s Farm which will be available here on the site, Amazon, and other online vendors. Here’s a preview of what to expect…

miller's farm sneak peak by wesley craig green

The Day After aka Suck it, Covid!

Received my second Pfizer vaccination earlier this week. After hearing horror stories of people suffering the day after, I didn’t know what to expect. Lucked out and just had a sore shoulder. Go me!

Thoughts on Cherry Blackheart

Being a horror fan, it’s easy to get jazzed about a new horror comic which looks right up your alley only to be disappointed.

That wasn’t the case with Cherry Blackbird 1 by Joseph Schmalke.

cherry blackbird 1 comic book

Right from the get-go (which is why it comes polybagged), Schmalke lets you know that pretty much anything goes in this tale of a singer who made a bargain with the devil but is given an out if she can send back to hell seven demons who escaped before her 27th birthday. Great production design, story, and art has me looking forward to where this series goes.

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