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Read Miller’s Farm for FREE!

For a limited time only, you can download my new horror short story, Miller’s Farm for free!

What is Miller’s Farm? It’s my newest horror short story due to hit Amazon Monday, May 9th. Here’s the synopsis:

The closer they got to Miller’s Farm, the more Gary regretted accepting Leonard’s invitation to come to a drug-fueled party being held there.

Gary didn’t even consider how strange it was to hold a party out here in the boonies at a dilapidated old farm house.

But unbeknownst to Gary, waiting inside are members of an ancient cult with plans to use him in a bizarre sex ritual to bring about a creature from another dimension.

Miller’s Farm draws inspiration from both H.P. Lovecraft and Lucio Fulci’s work to create a dark comedic tale of sex, fatherhood, and demon-worshipping redheads.

Okay- I’m sold! But what’s the catch?

Social credibility is very important for any creative professional. Every little tweet, forum comment, or Facebook post helps- believe me! By letting your friends and/or audience know about the short story goes a long way! 

So in return for getting Miller’s Farm for free, I would greatly appreciate a tweet or Facebook post or Tumblr rant about what you thought of the story or to tell your friends about the free download. I’ve even made a couple of tweets below to make it easier for you:

[bctt tweet=”For a limited time, get the horror short story, Miller’s Farm, for free! #BookGiveaway” via=”no”] [bctt tweet=”Gary’s intention was to have a good time not father a demon- read Miller’s Farm for free! #BookGiveaway #horror” via=”no”]

Another option would be to follow me on either Twitter or Facebook, or even sign-up for my blog updates in the right side bar to be notified when a new blog post is available.

Sound fair? Cool. This offer ends Sunday, May 8th. After that, Miller’s Farm will only be available through Amazon.

I truly hope you enjoy Miller’s Farm! If you did, then you might want to check out my other short story, The Hit, which is now available through Amazon!