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Promote Your Free Horror eBook With These Sites

retro free guyOne of the obstacles I’ve run into with marketing my two new short stories (The Hit and Miller’s Farm) is drumming up any awareness of them.

I have had some luck using Twitter to generate some sales. So now I’m moving on to Phase 2 of my marketing which is listing The Hit on free eBook promotion sites.

Here are a couple of things I’ve found out while searching for these sites:

Not many are open to unreviewed eBooks which have no ratings yet- I found this to be the case with many sites I found. I can see where they are coming from. But it is frustrating for authors like myself.

Others don’t promote eBooks with “Questionable Content” aka sexual content and graphic violence- Again, I get where they are coming from. There are some “rough” eBooks out there which could turn cause many visitors to leave these sites if they are just looking for free cook books or romance novels. But because of what many of these free eBooks sites deem as “Questionable Content” throws a big enough blanket out there which disqualifies my eBooks.

Poorly designed- If it takes me longer than a couple of minutes to find the information I’m looking for to submit my eBooks, then I think it’s safe to assume I’m wasting my time on this particular site.

Many charge a fee- This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There were some which I might use (I plan on writing an upcoming post about the ones I found which do charge) in the near future. But my plan is to go with the free ones first. The cheaper ones typically charged between $10 – $15 US while the higher priced packages started at $50 US and up.


I did find some sites which I could use to promote The Hit on for one of it’s freebie download days on Amazon. I have them listed below but first you need to know what information to have handy when submitting your eBook to these sites.

What You’ll Need To Provide For Your Free eBook Listing

Your eBooks ASIN number: This is the number Amazon assigns to your ebook once it is submitted to their KDP program. To find it, sign in to your Amazon Author account then go to your Bookshelf (the page which lists all the books you have available through KDP). There, you can find your ASIN listed under your name like in this graphic like in the graphic below:

asin graphic

A Synopsis under 400 words: You can probably use the one you are using already. I had to edit mine down so you might want to ensure yours is under 400 words.

What day(s) you want your free eBook to be listed: Most of these sites use a calendar where you select what day the free eBook giveaway begins and ends. So be sure you have the correct dates!

A small cover graphic: A couple of sites enable you to upload a cover image. Always go with a smaller version. I used 200 x 300 and had no problems.


Now that you have all your information ready, now you can start going through the sites below. It took me about 1 to 2 hours to go through these sites. The process for each is pretty straight forward. And many require you to sign-up for their newsletter so be sure you check your email to confirm their subscription request or your book won’t be listed!


My List of Free eBook Promotional Sites

The sites listed below are the only ones I have found so far that promotes eBooks in the Horror genre which have no reviews. So if you have a new horror eBook you plan on offering for free through the KDP program for one or more days and you have no reviews- then these sites are for you! They can be used by others, obviously, but if you’re a new horror author, then this list will help get the word out on your eBook.

Indie Book of the Day

Armadillo eBooks

eBook Lister

Ignite Your Book

Book Goodies –  This link will take you to their site by you will need to post your free eBook listing on their Facebook page the day of the free download


Free Books

It’s Write Now


If you know of any sites like the ones listed here, feel free to share them in the Comments below. Thanks!

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