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Miller’s Farm Now Available!

miller's farm cover by wesley craig greenNow available through Amazon is my second horror short story, Miller’s Farm!

The closer they got to Miller’s Farm, the more Gary regretted accepting Leonard’s invitation to come to a drug-fueled party being held there. Gary didn’t even consider how strange it was to hold a party out here in the boonies at a dilapidated old farm house.

But unbeknownst to Gary, waiting inside are members of an ancient cult with plans to use him in a bizarre sex ritual to bring about a creature from another dimension.

Like my previous short story, The Hit, Miller’ Farm was also really fun to write. It was one of those stories which just flowed naturally. I always envisioned it as a dark comedy by way of Lovecraft and Lucio Fulci. I think it’s a funny story with some disturbing visuals and sense of hopelessness thrown in there. There’s nothing wrong with having a laugh while reading a scene about a poor guy getting “stuck” inside a demon’s surrogate mother, right?

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