It’s Alive!

After sitting in neutral for a bit, I’ve decided to take the dust cover off my home on the web, tinker with the insides to make sure everything is up and running properly, installed some new parts and taking some others, all in preparation of making it a regular part of my creative career.

As I write this, it is a freaky hot and muggy August afternoon. Despite my office / studio being in our basement, it isn’t immune to the humidity in the air. With that being said, I strongly suggest you get yourself a little dehumidifier for your workspace. I got mine earlier this summer off of Amazon for around $30 and it’s something I should have had for years based on the amount of water I’ve been emptying out of it.

I’m sure in the future, I’ll be writing about something other than dehumidifiers. Back to the sweaty grindstone I go. Talk to you soon.

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