Inspiration of the Day – Station To Station by David Bowie

davide bowie station to stationBowie reshaped what I thought was music at an early age.

His Station To Station was my first step out of the confines of FM radio back in the late 70s. I actually bought it and Roxy Music’s Manifesto on 8-track for .99 cents each.

Hearing it for the first time back then (I was around 10, I think) was too much for my young mind to handle. The different time signatures and changes in musical styles just within the title track alone confused the hell out of me. Everything pretty much went over my head. But I knew it was different and that it was important. I also knew I liked it.

That’s why this is my favorite Bowie album. No one makes albums like Bowie does anymore. Let alone an album like Station To Station.

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