Inspiration of the Day – Star-Studded Fanzine #18

star studded number 18 cockrum starlinPublished in 1972 by an outfit known as THE TEXAS TRIO (as stated in all caps in the indicia found on the inside cover) Star-Studded Fanzine was one of many fanzines published during the early 70s.

But what makes the Star-Studded Fanzine stands out from the countless others put out during this time was the talent involved in some issues. Star-Studded Fanzine #18 in particular stands out as it features work done by both Dave Cockrum and Jim Starlin while they were considered amateurs.

Their work is understandably rough but you can see their signature styles already. As an artist at the beginning of his career, seeing amateur work by professionals- let alone legends- is inspiring. Have you ever seen some of Frank Miller’s initial fanzine work? Comparing that work to his pro work is like comparing Fifty Shades of Grey to GoodFellas.

For those who are interested, you can find copies of Star-Studded Comics on eBay like I did. You can a little bit more about the history of Star-Studded Comics via Wikipedia.

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