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Horror Short Story The Hit is Now Available!

The Hit cover by wesley craig greenNow available through Amazon is one of my newest short stories, The Hit!

This was Leo’s last job then he and his young family would vanish. But first, he had to help complete a hit taking place on an isolated country road in West Virginia.

The job was simple enough: intercept a prized vehicle, kill everyone inside then burn their bodies. Simple enough but what Leo and the others didn’t realize was the car’s occupants were not human and they were transporting something evil and very hungry.

I had a lot of fun writing this story. Short stories provide you with a way to play out an idea without being bogged down with back story, character building, and such. I always had the idea of a group of hit men carrying out a hit only to find it’s something far more than what they were expecting. That’s is what The Hit is all about. You’re thrown into the situation with these hit men on a hot, humid day in the middle of West Virginia as they encounter something unimaginable in a 1971 Dodge Demon.

The Hit is only available through Amazon and you can get your copy by going here!

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