Check This Out – Elsa Charretier Volume 2 Art Book

Here’s a quick review of the latest Kickstarter by writer / illustrator Elsa Charretier.

elsa charretier interiorsHer illustration style fills that Darwyn Cooke void for me so I backed her campaign and here are the results. I have to say, her Kickstarter campaign from beginning to end was the best experience I’ve had so far with any Kickstarter campaigns. I’ve done around five so far and her’s was the fastest to ship and the best packaged. In comparison, I received another Kickstarter book a week or so ago by a group of illustrators who put an anthology together, shipped in some cheap ass mailing envelope, so it got dinged up and wasn’t that well done. It’s just night-and-day in regards to the professionalism behind both projects.

I’m halfway done going through the book. Besides her gorgeous artwork, she also goes in depth on her creative process, breaking down how she approaches illustration. Fascinating stuff.

I don’t know if it’s going to be available at her website or something, but I feel confident recommending it if you’re into her art or art books like this in general.

You can learn more about Elsa Charretier by visiting her website or checking out her Patreon.

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