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Are Digital Comic Chapters A Viable Business Model for Storytelling?

Penny Dreadfuls was a term used to describe publications created in 19th century Britain featuring sordid and often violent serialized fiction. These publications featured a segment of a larger story over a period of weeks. Charles Dickens used this serialized format for his earlier body of work, selling chapters of his novels as they were completed. This form of serialized…

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Habits and Rituals

Something which has always been of interest to me are the habits and rituals of creative professionals. I like to think most writers, artists, musicians, and the like have habits and/or rituals they use to either help them get into that (sometimes) elusive mindset. They might also do the same or have an entirely different habit or ritual to keep…

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Tools To Use

Scrivener – A Writer’s Best Friend

Scrivener. Strange name for such a fantastic writing tool. I purchased this program this past September with the intention it would help me organize all the ideas and ideas I have for those ideas in one convenient location. The problem is, I tend to scribble notes and whatnots in notebooks and scraps of paper. This can sometimes lead to have…

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My Work

Why I Chose Tumblr To Run My Webcomic

When I brought this blog out of retirement, one of the goals was to use it to serialize my webcomic projects beginning with Before Dawn. Easy enough, right? Wrong. While there are numerous WordPress themes and plugins available, there are only a handful created specifically for webcomics. The ones that are available are mostly themes used as the default theme…

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