miller's farm cover by wesley craig green
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Miller’s Farm Now Available!

Now available through Amazon is my second horror short story, Miller’s Farm! The closer they got to Miller’s Farm, the more Gary regretted accepting Leonard’s invitation to come to a drug-fueled party being held there. Gary didn’t even consider how strange it was to hold a party out here in the boonies at a dilapidated old farm house. But unbeknownst…

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My Work, Work In Progress Reports

Work In Progress – Report 2: Why You Should Consider Releasing Multiple Books At Once

Hello and welcome to what I intend to be an entertaining and even informative look behind projects I am currently working on. This will be like a peek-behind-the-curtain into what someone like me- a new writer / illustrator / comic creator- is doing to not only complete their projects (which can seem like an uphill battle at times) but also…

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david bowie

Thanks, David Bowie

I owe a lot to David Bowie. I remember when I was just a kid buying a .99 cent 8-track of Bowie’s Station To Station at the local mall. Fortunately, my older brother still had a 8-track stereo which I would use to play it on. Needless to say, Bowie was unlike anything I had heard up to that time.…

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