Wesley Craig GreenAuthor, illustrator, and comic book maker, Wesley Craig Green, began his creative career by self-publishing along with illustrator Jason Whitley the acclaimed horror graphic novel, Before Dawn. The debut graphic novel garnered rave reviews from such publications as Fangoria and Rue Morgue.

2018 will see the release of The Devil’s Tongue, a novel of devilish vengenance inspired by classic horror masters Lucio Fuici and Maria Bava.

This project will be followed by a web comic I will be writing and doing spot illustrations for entitled My Mother, The Vampire– a twisted, heart-warming tale of a young boy coping with the fact his mother is a vampire slowly losing her humanity.

In between these two projects, I will be working on different projects- all of which I will be chronicling the creation of extensively here on. If you subscribe to my newsletter in the left sidebar there, then you can receive these updates in your inbox along with other stuff only my newsletter subscribers get before anyone else- and sometimes exclusively!

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