About WCG

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the World Wide Web.

My name is Wesley Craig Green, and I’m an author, illustrator, and comic book maker.

I began this creative career by teaming up with illustrator Jason Whitley to self-publish the acclaimed horror graphic novel, Before Dawn. The debut graphic novel garnered rave reviews from such publications as Fangoria and Rue Morgue.

In 2018, I published The Hit and Miller’s Farm, two horror short stories featuring Lovecraftian-type creatures and bizarre sex cults set in the backwoods of West Virginia. Besides writing both stories, I also illustrated the covers for both.

Coming in 2019 is The Devil’s Tongue, a horror novel I’m writing about a desperate man who accepts a high-paying side job from his employer which takes him, his estranged brother, and two closest friends to a deserted mansion to find what is believed to be the tongue of a demon. I will also be doing the cover for this novel as well.

Also coming in late 2019 is My Mother, The Vampire, an original graphic novel which I will be writting and illustrating.