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Month: July 2014

Why I Chose Tumblr To Run My Webcomic

When I brought this blog out of retirement, one of the goals was to use it to serialize my webcomic projects beginning with Before Dawn. Easy enough, right? Wrong. While there are numerous WordPress themes and plugins available, there are only a handful created specifically for webcomics. The ones that are available are mostly themes used as the default theme of your WordPress installation. This isn’t necessarily a bad decision if you’re just using your WP blog for your webcomic. But if you are like me and you plan to use your WP blog for other things- then this will limit what you can do both in functionality and design. I thought I would try using a slide show-type plugin to serialize the Before Dawn webcomic. It worked like it was designed to but it wasn’t created to do what I was using it for. Lesson learned. So I was back to square one. I wanted to run the Before Dawn webcomic on this blog but there wasn’t a solution out there suitable to my needs. This is when I had one of those “duh!” moments: why not use Tumblr?